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At Doran & Cawthorne, P.L.L.C. we understand the implications the outcome of your case can have on your life. When your way of life and well-being is at stake, you need an aggressive and thorough defense attorney that will ensure your rights are protected and pursue the best possible outcome in your case. Following are a few recent examples of our firm's diligence and success.

Exemplar Case No. 1:

Pride Doran represented a young man who had been incarcerated while facing federal criminal charges in the Eastern District of Texas. Shortly after reviewing the case materials and enrolling in place of the client's previous counsel, Mr. Doran filed pretrial motions with the potential to dispose of the case to his client's benefit. Despite the fact that his client had spent several months in jail prior to Mr. Doran's involvement, Pride was able to negotiate a plea deal that resulted in the dismissal of all federal charges, and the immediate release of the client. The client pleaded to state charges and received probation.

Exemplar Case No. 2:

Client was charged in Jefferson Davis Parish with Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana. The drugs, and a large amount of money, were found a few feet away from the client's wallet (with his identification card in it), after a chase involving police and the client. The client was apprehended only several yards away from the drugs, money and his wallet. A jury returned a unanimous Not Guilty verdict after trial.

Exemplar Case No. 3:

In this federal case, Mr. Doran's client was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana in an amount over Sixty (60) pounds. He was further alleged to have been part of a larger conspiracy, involving other drugs and violent crimes. Mr. Doran was able to successfully work out a plea deal with the United States Attorney's Office, and further, the client received a fully probated sentence. The plea agreement did not include any obligation by the client to provide information on, or testify against, any individuals alleged to have been engaged in criminal activity.

Exemplar Case No. 4:

Mr. Doran's client was alleged to have possessed a kilogram of cocaine. Pride filed, and argued, a Motion to Suppress. Through testimony obtained during that proceeding, Mr. Doran was able to demonstrate that the State would have had a very difficult time identifying the client, or the nature and amount of the allegedly illegal substance. The matter was resolved with a fully suspended sentence, and brief period of probation.

Exemplar Case No. 5:

Client was charged with Possession of over Sixty (60) Pounds of Marijuana. After securing a stay of the matter, Mr. Doran was able to successfully argue that because of the client's mental state, he should not be subject to additional legal proceedings. The motion was granted.

Exemplar Case No. 6:

Mr. Doran's client was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute over Forty (40) Pounds of Marijuana, a large amount of drug related proceeds (approximately $75,000.00), and illegal firearms. The trial judge initially sought to require a cash payment of $100,000.00 before he would authorize the client's pre-trial release. Mr. Doran initiated proceedings before the appeals court which resulted in the client's release on surety, instead of cash. The case was ultimately resolved with the receiving a short (6 month) stint in the Dept. of Corrections run "Boot Camp".

Exemplar Case No. 7:

Pride was retained to represent a young man charged with possession of three (3) kilograms of high purity cocaine. Pride, utilizing leverage indicated by his filing of a suppression motion, was able to negotiate a short (6 month) stint in the Dept. of Corrections run "Boot Camp".

Exemplar Case No. 8:

Seventeen Year Old client charged with Armed Robbery. Upon his arrest, he admitted to the crime. Mr. Doran was able to successfully negotiate a plea deal where the client was allowed to participate in a Pre-Trial Diversion program. The charges were ultimately dismissed.

Exemplar Case No. 9:

Mr. Doran's client was charged with four (4) counts of attempted murder. There was no question that he committed the acts charged. The defenses presented by Mr. Doran addressed the young man's "intent", or mea culpa. Ultimately, and after over a year of litigation, Pride was able to obtain a dismissal of all felony charges against his client.

Exemplar Case No. 10:

Client charged with Possession of 28-200 grams of crack cocaine; Possession of Methamphetamine; and Possession of MDMA after a traffic stop. He had a previously felony criminal record. Mr. Doran was able to successfully argue that the length of detention was inordinate to the reason for the original stop, and amounted to an unconstitutional violation of the client's right to be left alone. The motion was granted and all charges were dismissed.

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